28 March 2016

More of the Same

Today I finished my tenth of fifteen radiation treatments.  I haven't recognized any difference yet, but I hear it might be a little premature for me to feel the changes.  I'm still throwing up every day, even though I'm taking a mountain of anti-nausea medication.  I feel crummy 90% of the time that I'm awake.  My radiology oncologist is quite convinced that my nausea and throwing up is directly related to the radiation.  I'm really hoping that it is, because it suggests an end in sight.

On a more exciting note, Jeanette stayed back for a few days of her spring break so she could help me, but then she needed to go to Salt Lake to spend the rest of the week with her family.  Fortunately, my sister and her daughter from Ogden came to stay with me for 2.5 days, and my parents came up for the rest of the weekend.  They are all so good to help!  It was great to have all the help and support.

I am still fortunate to be sleeping well.  I can't imagine the additional misery I would be feeling if I were awake all night.  I'm also so grateful for all of the people that are helping to get me to my radiation treatments.  It's very humbling to see how quickly I was able to fill the calendar with willing friends who are eager to help.

Thank you for all the Easter cards and well wishes!  Even though I felt too sick to go to church yesterday, I felt buoyed up on every side.

Syvanna walking me in to MSTI for my radiation treatment

23 March 2016

I've Just Been So Sick

I don't know if it's even connected to the radiation, but I have just felt so sick for the past couple of weeks.  My appetite is nonexistent.  I'm throwing up way too much, not even sure what I'm throwing up since I'm not really eating.  It's just been crazy.

I go to radiation every day.  I've posted some photos of the process.  Once they set me up and close the door, I lay there for about 10 minutes while they radiate from every angle.  It doesn't seem to have made any difference in the way that I feel on a day to day basis, except I am more nauseous and losing weight again.

It's been a discouraging couple of weeks.  The beautiful roses in the photo are from my visiting teacher.  She is a rock star, and the roses are gorgeous!

Thanks for reaching out to me.  I love to hear from you.


16 March 2016

Great Wedding Weekend...Now Radiation Begins

It was so nice to be at Michael's wedding events this weekend!  I'll admit that it was exhausting, but I was so glad that I could be there.  I could not have done it without the constant help of my family.   I've posted some photos.  I didn't spend the whole weekend in a wheelchair, just when there was a lot of walking or standing around that was going to be taking place.  Again, my family came through like superheroes.  

My radiation treatments began yesterday.  I'll have them every day until April 4 (minus the weekends).  So far, they have been pretty quick and painless.  Some people fly through radiation; others struggle.  The two I've had so far have not seemed to present any crazy side effects.  I am so grateful for all the people that are helping me and will continue to help me get to these appointments.

It's been a rough week.  The results of the CT scan last week were nothing short of a kick to the stomach on every level.  I'm still trying to figure out how to process the information.

I'm frequently asked how I'm sleeping, how's my appetite, am I experiencing nausea?  The answers are that I am sleeping great and so grateful for that blessing.  My appetite is terrible.  It's not improving at the current time.  The nausea has been off and on the past week.  I've been throwing up more, but I'm not sure where that's all coming from.  My body is pretty weak, and I have a lot of chest pain.  Apparently, it's from the growth in my chest area.

I cannot express with enough gratitude how I feel about all of the help I am receiving from so many on a daily basis.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

10 March 2016

The New Plan

I went to the hospital today to meet with the radiology oncologist.  We talked about the plan going forward.  I will start radiation treatments on Tuesday.  I will have fifteen of them; they will go until April 4.  The objective is to shrink what is currently the biggest tumor to help me be more comfortable and to slow its growth.

There are also a number of other small tumors in various locations, but we won't be able to deal with them until after all of the radiation is done.  At that time, we will attack them using a different chemotherapy than before.

The whole thing is pretty crazy.  I am not even sure what to think.  I feel like my head's been spinning for the past 24 hours.  I am continuing to pray for divine intervention.  I know this is, and always has been, entirely in the hands of God.

09 March 2016

Surprise! But Not a Complete Surprise.

I had my CT scan yesterday and met with the oncologist today to discuss the results.  Unfortunately, they aren't great.   What I thought was scar tissue, actually wasn't.  It turns out it is a big ole 7 cm tumor that's been growing like wildfire.

Super super disappointing.  I may start some radiation as soon as Monday to shrink it and help me feel more comfortable.

They will also change the type of chemo I am doing.  I'm not sure when that would start.

It's all quite concerning but definitely explains why I have felt like there's a small city sitting in my chest.

01 March 2016

Nine Down, Nine to Go

Today I reached the halfway point in my chemotherapy treatments.  Yahoo!!  It's good to be moving forward, even though I've felt pretty crummy the last few days and the scar tissue (or whatever it is) seems to have gone from bad to worse.  I haven't eaten much since last Wednesday and have lost two lbs.

The good news is that I don't feel lousy tonight, even though my appetite has not returned at all.  I'm looking forward to having a chemo break until March 15th.  I am getting a CT Scan next Tuesday with a result consultation with my oncologist on Wednesday.  Event though my CA 125 numbers are looking better, it will be helpful to have pictures of what is going on inside me.

During my chemo time off, I am also looking forward to a short trip to Utah to see my youngest brother get married in the Manti Temple.  When I go on little vacations these days, I always wish I could be in perfect health for just a few days so that I can fully enjoy everything that is taking place around me.

For now, I am grateful that I can go at all and for all the help my family gives me throughout the weekend.  I know it's not fun for them either!

Thank you for continuing to reach out to me.  Thank you for all  your faith and faithfulness and your prayers in my behalf.