27 January 2017


In August 2015 when Michelle was first diagnosed, she was in Boise preparing to start an internship as an elementary school counselor.  This was one of the final hoops to jump through for Michelle to get her second master's degree!  She had worked very hard, even earning honors for academic achievement.

Although Michelle was not able to officially finish the necessary coursework for the degree, the faculty at Michelle's school, University of Texas, wanted to recognize Michelle for her hard work and achievement.  At the graduation ceremony in Tyler, Texas this December, Michelle was honored with a posthumous degree.

We are so grateful for the kindness of the faculty at the University of Texas, for everyone who helped Michelle with her studies, and for Michelle's example of dedication and hard work.  She had a sweet group of friends and family, some who traveled very long distances, who gathered in Texas to remember and honor her.  

We love you and miss you Michelle!  Congratulations on your graduation!

17 November 2016

Remembering Michelle...

For those of you who were not able to attend Michelle's funeral services, we have posted the very special musical numbers and words of remembrance to this blog (see below).  These moments are special to our family and sharing them is very personal.  We know many of you understand this and will feel the joy of Michelle's life and feel closer to the Savior by watching her funeral services.

Sending love to all of you! 💛

Michelle's nieces and nephews singing

Treven Johnson (nephew) "I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me"

Kami Wilson (friend)--Spiritual Remembrance of Michelle

Gregory Dibb (brother-in-law) -- Life Sketch

14 October 2016

Check back soon

It has almost been three months since Michelle's passing. We've been taking some time to get back on our feet as a family. We hope to update this blog soon with special moments from the funeral services. Check back soon. 🌻