24 June 2016

Last Chemo Before Scan

Apparently the blood transfusion from last week did what it needed to do to qualify me for one last chemo before the next scan.  I think it went well.  It's hard to know how to measure these things.

My parents have been here with me all week, which has been terrific.  There has been less nausea and pain over the last few days too, always a bonus.

I have been the recipient of many well wishes with regard to my upcoming birthday in July.  I just wanted to share one that really made me smile.  My nephew Nicolas recreated a childhood antic where he turned himself into a cupcake.  He's so cute and funny.  I put both videos below.  The most recent one he made this week as a birthday wish for me.

I also received a fun visit from my former neighbors, who walked me out to my little garden so I could see its progress.  It was such a little thing and so fun.  It's the little things that we need to appreciate that make us smile.

 Wilson Family
My little garden!

18 June 2016


These days, Charmelicas (named for my niece and nephews Amelia, Nicolas, and Charlie who gave him to me) is sporting some fancy jewelry.  He got a new blood band Friday when I had to go to Boise St. Luke's for a blood transfusion.  My blood counts were low, which would have made it unsafe to do my typical chemotherapy.  We rescheduled the chemo for this coming Thursday.  In the meantime, I am resting and working on getting my platelet counts up!

I wasn't surprised to receive these lab numbers as I have been extremely weak and sick this past week.  I never feel great, but this has been a particularly hard week for this sick body of mine.  I continue to be amazed at the inspiration so many receive at just the right time to help me out.

Thank you for your divine guidance and your sensitive spiritual hearing.  So many of you seem to show up at just the right time with just the right thing.  Please keep praying and praying and praying for the guidance and help I need as we make treatment decisions in the near future.

11 June 2016

Downs and Ups

This week was a roller coaster ride of downs and ups.  The beginning of the week was rough.  I was dealing with a lot of pain and weakness.  I felt like my legs weren't working right, and I had the always present pain and tightness in my chest.  I was scheduled to have a paracentesis to drain the excess fluid from my abdomen on Wednesday, but I was feeling so sick on Tuesday that we cancelled.

I had a surprise up when I found out my sister Stephanie and her daughter Syvanna were coming to visit for a couple of days.  They arrived Wednesday evening.

Thursday I greeted the day with lots of throwing up, pain and weakness, which didn't go over well with my doctor at the chemo visit.  We decided to hold off on the chemo until I was in better shape.  Instead, I got IV fluids and medicine, and we adjusted my daily medicines as well.  I felt pretty good Thursday night and enjoyed the sweet visit from my sister and niece.

Friday's chemo actually went pretty well, and I have been feeling decent since then.  The new medicine regime seems to be helping too.  I had another up with the visit from the doctor this week which I can't help but attribute to the increase in fasting and prayer.  My CA-125 (cancer number) was down significantly from 2500 to 1200!  It's not time to throw a dance party, but any decrease in the CA-125 is cause to celebrate!

I continue to sleep great, and I am eating okay too.  Thank you for all your faith and fasting this past week.  Thank you for your sacrifice which I know continues to bless me.  I continue to be blessed by many wonderful people!

Left to Right:  niece Syvanna, sister Melissa, yours truly, sister Stephanie

04 June 2016

Fasting and Prayers

We'd like to invite all those in our family and friends that would like to join us in a group fast for Michelle this coming fast Sunday.  Extremely important decisions will need to be made by Michelle and her doctors at the culmination of the next series of chemo treatments at the end of this month, and we would like to petition Heavenly Father's spirit and help at this pivotal and sensitive time.  We know you have all been praying and fasting for Michelle all along.  We would just like us to bring our faith and prayers together at this time.

We love you!

Mom and Dad

01 June 2016

Breaks and Bubbles

As per my treatment cycle, I had a break from chemotherapy a week ago Thursday.  I threw up more than normal the first week, but have done better over the last five days.  My appetite has improved as well in this past week.  I'm still drinking a couple of yucky drinks per day, but it's been augmented by noodles, an occasional tuna sandwich, and lots of ginger ale.  I even ate some roast beef and mashed potato over the last few days.  And some artichoke hearts!  Yum.

A fun group of my family came to visit over Memorial Day weekend.  They wanted to run in the Boise Bubble Race in honor of Rylan and come see me and help me.  They did a great job of all of it.  As I am putting my Meridian house on the market this week, they did a fabulous job of scrubbing down the outside of the house and the fence.  They scrubbed down all the last minute cupboards and walls in preparation for the sale.  That is a good bunch of hard workers!  The last of the bunch went home yesterday.  It was so great to have family here over Memorial Day weekend.

I start another round of chemotherapy this coming Thursday.  I will do three more Thursdays, and then we will scan again to see what's going on in there.  Thank you again for all your uplifting cards, phone calls, messages, thoughts, prayers, visits....they all help me so much!  I hope you're all enjoying this glorious spring.