30 November 2015

An Invitation

This is Melissa (Michelle's sister).  With Michelle going in the hospital on Tuesday for her surgery on Wednesday, I wanted to invite all those who would like to join in a family and friend fast.  We will be starting the fast at 6:00 pm on Tuesday.

We have discussed some specific desires we would like to include in this fast.  1) that her current blood clots in her lungs will clear up before surgery, 2) that she will not form any new life-threatening blood clots or that her blood will not be too thin so that she has excessive bleeding, 3) that Dr. Perez (gynecological surgical oncologist) and Dr. Barton (liver surgeon) along with other doctors and nurses will be blessed with the judgement and precision needed to have a successful and safe surgery, 4) that Michelle will be able to know and feel the overwhelming love that we all have for her, and especially that the Lord has for her, and we will have peace in the Lord's will, whatever that may be.

Those are just the specific desires we wanted to join in together, along with whatever else you personally feel to add.

Thank you for all the fasting and prayers in her behalf up to this point.  It is truly what has spiritually, mentally, and physically held her up during the past few months!

29 November 2015

Back from Thanksgiving

Just got back from Thanksgiving weekend with my family.  Everything went great!  Now I'm preparing for a big ole surgery week.....couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

24 November 2015

Eight Liters

Today was a special day....PARACENTISIS DAY (aka the draining of The Bulgy Belly).  The doctors were able to drain even more fluid than last time--eight whole liters!  Again, that is the equivalent of approximately two gallons.  As you can imagine, I am feeling a lot of relief.

This is the drain in my belly.  Not very fun, but they numb the area first!

To celebrate, I was feeling so good that I was able to go to Olive Garden and eat some of their yummy yummy salad.  I could drink that dressing!

Now I am feeling tired, but good.  I am still a little apprehensive for traveling tomorrow, but so excited to see family.  Happy Thanksgiving....I am so very grateful for so many things!

22 November 2015

Kind of in an Uncomfortable Holding Pattern

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but there hasn't been much to report.  I am kind of in an uncomfortable holding pattern, waiting for December 2.

Everyday I need to eat more and move more, and I try.  But Bulgy Belly is filling back up with fluid and making everything very uncomfortable.  I will go back in for more draining Tuesday, hip hip hooray!
I am looking forward to seeing family over Thanksgiving, but apprehensive about the traveling and being away from home part of it.  I am very, very grateful for family, and for all of you who have continued to reach out and bless me with your faith, prayers, and service.

16 November 2015

Surgeon Consult

Today the surgeon gave me the option to have surgery or to not have surgery, and I chose to continue.  He explained to me how high risk it is, yet I'm choosing to go forward.

He did change the date to December 2 because of a scheduling conflict with the other surgeon who will be helping him.

He was very real with me and explained that this would not be a cure....kinda hard to hear, but I want to move forward with surgery.

I feel this is the best move at this time.

14 November 2015

Lab Results

I know the blog has been silent recently; I'm still processing information.

Here's the factual, non-emotional piece of what I've learned the last few days:

1.  There is a new blood clot in my lungs.
2.  As a result, the surgery has been put off indefinitely.
3.  The chemotherapy appears to have been ineffective.  The tumors have doubled in size.

Yep, a lot going on in my head right now....making some pretty significant decisions.  Grateful for all the faith, prayers, love, and support.  This is crazy!!

The good news--last night the doctor was able to drain 5 liters of fluid (approximately 2 gallons) from my bulgy belly.  I can actually walk again!

10 November 2015

Same With Changes

Everything is the same but just a bit different.  I still have bulgy belly but it is bulgier and more consistently bulgy.  I still have no appetite.  The nausea has been more of a problem as the anti-nausea medication does not seem to be helping much.  I have been throwing up more and then I lose the calories and have to start over.  It's all a little crazy.

I had an appointment with the Oncologist today.  I knew I was in trouble when I had lost more weight and the dietician had been invited in for the consult.  Didn't make a lot of headway there.

Bulgy finally got his day in court and the Onc. was concerned enough about it to change my 20 Nov. CT scan to this Thursday, 12 Nov.  I'm not sure what to think of that but it will be nice to know what is going on in there.

I should receive my CA-125 number in the next couple of days which may tell us a little more about the cancer antigens in my blood.  We'd love to see that number decrease from the last time as it has consistently risen over the past nine weeks .

My spirits are okay, not great.  My gratitude is off the charts for everything that is being done in my behalf.  I am overwhelmed by the avalanche of sacrifice that is dumped on me every single day.  I am weak but my gratitude remains very strong.  Thank you so much

06 November 2015

Too Much, Not Enough, Just Right

The last few days have been too much:


Bulgy Belly

and not enough:



Not a great combination.

However, NO PAIN!  That is just right and so great.

Always trying to do better.  This is not for wimps.

02 November 2015

Countdown to Surgery

Barring anything crazy, my de-bulking surgery is four weeks from today.

It's time for me to ramp it up with calories, exercise, and other uncomfortable preparations.

Since I have lost over 40 pounds, it is critical that I put on some weight over the next few weeks.  I try so hard every day.  It is a constant struggle.

At the same time, I have lost so much muscle mass from low activity, that it is also critical that my body is tougher four weeks from now.  I started going to a gym today.  I must say, it was pretty embarrassing.  I did six minutes on the recumbent bike and 30 leg presses before my little chicken legs were done.  I also went on a field trip to Hobby Lobby this afternoon which was a bit of a workout.

Today, I was telling my nurse sister that I wish my surgery were tomorrow instead of a month from now.  She told me there is no way my surgery could be tomorrow because I am too skinny and too weak.  It was then that I realized that my weight and strength weren't luxuries, they are necessities.

Today started a new commitment to weight and strength. Please, please pray for me.  This is hard.